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The "strip-plank" or "strip-built" method is a versatile method for Do-it-Yourself boatbuilders to make their own strong, lightweight, beautiful wooden boat. The method uses thin strips of cedar (or really any kind of wood) bent around a simple form, to create a hull and (if necessary) deck. This thin, delicate wooden shell is then sanded and covered with fiberglass and epoxy inside and out. The resulting form does not require any supporting ribs or other structure to be strong and watertight.

This book describes the process in a manner accessible to first-time neophyte boat builder and brings them through advanced techniques to make astonishingly beautiful boats. Woodworkers and boatbuilders of all levels will find useful information drawing from Nick Schade's over 30 years of strip-planking experience.

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This site will provide more information and support for readers of the book.
For now take a look at the Kayak Forum and active discussion group about boat building hosted by the author.